Website design

A tablet, laptop and mobile phone displaying the same website on their screens.

Whether you would like a professional business email address, a one page website to promote your product, or to sell your goods and services online, I can provide a cost effective way to improve your online presence. The solution might be to enhance your existing website, use an online selling platform, or to setup your own domain.

Some aspects that I will work with you to consider are:

  • what are you currently doing online?
  • what type of website or web presence do you need?
  • how much time, if any, will you have for managing your website?
  • what do customers expect from a business like yours?
  • what are your competitors doing online?

Services that I provide include but are not limited to:

  • domain name registration
  • website hosting setup
  • website design and development
  • refreshing an old website to bring it up to date with new technology
  • website updates and maintenance
  • ecommerce online store, bookings or appointments setup and training
  • connecting point-of-sale inventory and stock with an online store
  • user experience review of an existing website
  • copywriting
  • branding design for web, social media and online advertising

I have created a one page website demo to show the possibilities.