Line illustration of a woman with her chin resting on the palm of her hand

Hi! I’m Niina, a small business owner, designer, photographer, and maker.

I began my career in web design and advertising companies in the late 90s and spent time as a developer, project manager, and user experience designer in Sydney and London. I worked with a variety of clients including charities, government departments, and international brands, collaborating with them to understand their needs and managing the design and development of creative and technical solutions.

Deciding to take a change in direction in 2014, I started my sewing business, Give Me A Crown, and completed TAFE certificate IVs in small business management and book keeping. These studies have given me a broader appreciation for ensuring that actions taken by a small business are cost effective, measurable and impactful.

7 years ago I moved to the Blayney shire and found myself enjoying the four seasons, learning how to grow vegetables even through the winter frosts, and running around with my camera photographing the stunning landscapes.

Forever being drawn back to design and digital art, in 2018 I began my second business, Niinikka, to continue my passion for digital creations and sharing my knowledge with local businesses in and around the Blayney shire.

A woman holding a camera reflected in a window.